The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.

~John Lubbock

Parenting is a hard job and children come with no instruction manual.  Psychoeducational assessment is one way in which parents can learn about their child’s unique strengths and needs and thereby provide more specific support to help them grow and develop to their potential. 

A complete psychoeducational assessment is the first step in understanding the learning needs of your child.  Dr. Crawford has extensive experience in assessing and understanding the complex needs of children, and in making recommendations which can be easily implemented by parents and teachers. Dr. Crawford’s first career as an educator has given her added insight into the real-life experiences of your child, teen or young person in a school setting.

Psychoeducational assessment includes the use of formal instruments, parent and teacher completed questionnaires and one-to-one conversations with Dr. Crawford.  The process takes place over several appointments which involve both parents and child.  

The Process: 

The initial approach to psychoeducational assessment is for parents and child to meet with Dr. Crawford and discuss any concerns as well as share a detailed history of your child’s developmental progress and health related concerns.  At this appointment, you will decide with Dr. Crawford who else should be asked to provide information for assessment, the best tools to be used to understand your child and how best to proceed on the formal assessment day.

The next appointments will be two -2 hour appointments scheduled on consecutive days. These appointments are used to complete direct assessment activities with your child. Following these appointments, Dr. Crawford will analyse the results and will develop a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

Once this is complete, parents are invited to a feedback appointment to discuss the report and the findings in detail and to make a plan for any additional services or follow-up that may be beneficial.

Areas of Assessment ProvidedDr Crawford is currently completing FORMAL assessments with children age 6 and up.

Psychoeducational Assessment Services are used to better understand the unique qualities of your child. Dr. Crawford specializes in child psychology and provides assessment in the following areas:

  • assessment of learning disabilities and giftedness
  • assessment of children with complex medical needs and neurological conditions
  • attention and concentration challenges and social-emotional difficulties
  • assessment of learning and emotional needs for use in post-secondary schools and university
  • application for PDD or other Government funded programs