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CoVid19 (Corona Virus) Information

Given the rapidly changing circumstances of the Covid19/Coronavirus concerns we are constantly evaluating the practice needs at Crawford Psychological Services. Appointment change requests are best made via email as we expect that our reception services may be interrupted in light of the widespread cancellation of school. Please email cancellations or changes using this email: appointments@aspirepsychologygroup.com. We are currently exploring alternative distance therapy options and will update clients and families who have booked appointments as soon as possible. Please follow Alberta Health and Health Canada recommendations for social distancing and other strategies to manage illness.

Encouragement to Grow

Each therapy program is designed with your child and family’s strengths and specific needs in mind. Services are based on a solution focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach that will help children and their parents to learn new skills and focus on positive outcomes and growth from the first appointment through to the final session.

Safe and Friendly Environment

Dr. Crawford welcomes children of all ages and backgrounds to the practice! Her approach is based on experience as a parent and pediatric psychologist, where there is no judgement and children feel heard and understood, making them more interested and involved in the therapy process.

Finding Balance

Life is unpredictably beautiful, with moments from peaceful stillness to crashing storms. From board games, to quietly reading a book, to chasing rabbits, or playing video games for 4 hours straight. Dr. Crawford is here to help your family regroup, find your balance and follow your path to a healthy and happy life.

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Dr. Crawford welcomes children of all ages and backgrounds to the practice!

Our Services

Assessment services

Children are extraordinary little beings, full of potential to reach their greatest self. They are resilient, creative and full of wonder, but sometimes they seem to struggle at home, at school or in social situations, and parents find themselves in a place of worry and not knowing what to do next. Assessments are the best tool for these situations! Crawford Psychological specializes in psychoeducational assessment, identification of learning problems and giftedness, identification of attention and concentration problems, assessment of behavioural and emotional functioning. These assessments are like the guide book you've always wanted for your child!

Parent Support

You know your child best. And you want the BEST for your child. As a pediatric psychologist, Dr. Crawford values your perspective and experiences and wants to be there next to you, their parent or caregiver, as we listen to them and guide them towards the life they have imagined for themselves. Through compassionate and developmentally appropriate sessions, together we will help your child or youth discover their strengths, their inside and outside resources that will help them grow, feel understood and valued.

Anxiety Treatment

Every parent or caregiver wishes that their child grows up to be a wholesome, kind human, living a full life. As a parent, Dr. Crawford is in the same boat with you. She understand. Same days it's easy to see it in their big dreamy eyes, but other days... well, not so much. Those are the days of tantrums, anxiety and even self doubt that kids sometimes struggle with. Dr. Crawford is here to guide your child through these emotions and help him find tangible, age-appropriate strategies, but also to discover his new super-power: getting control of his worries!

Meet Dr. Crawford

Dr. Jennifer Crawford, Registered Psychologist, specializing in Pediatric Psychology

Dr. Crawford has been a practicing Psychologist for over 20 years. She has always specialized in the pediatric population and brings a wealth of Psychology experience from a small health district in Saskatchewan, to more than 12 years at Alberta Children’s Hospital here in Calgary. She has extensive experience in psychoeducational assessment. Areas of assessment include giftedness, cognitive differences, learning disabilities and ADHD.

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