CBIT: Cognitive Behaviour Intervention for Tics

CBIT (pronounced see-bit) is a treatment model that assists people with tic disorders and Tourette Syndrome to manage their tics so that they are not so interfering with their every day life. It is a specialized and specific treatment provided by trained health care providers. In both Canada and the United States, CBIT is considered a first line treatment for children and adults with tics disorders. Studies have shown that individuals who participate in CBIT enjoy significant functional improvement in their tics, often similar to that achieved by medication management. Further, long term studies have identified lasting improvements for children and adults even after their individual treatment sessions are complete.

The standard treatment model for CBIT includes 8 appointments spaced over 10 weeks. The first 6 appointments are weekly, followed by the final two appointments each spaced two weeks apart. Follow up sessions are usually scheduled 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after treatment is complete. The first and second appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes, while other appointments are scheduled as 60 minute times. For families with extended health benefits, there is a strong possibility of reimbursement for some or all of the service under your individual plan, and you are strongly encouraged to review your coverage before your first appointment. CBIT services will be provided by Dr. Crawford, a registered psychologist.

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